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Your furniture needs attention. And it’s not alone. Show some love for your entire home . Here is some info on how to give your entire home the attention it needs and deserves. Learn decorating ideas, designing for your space, home hacks, and more!

  • Seven Home Cleaning Tips You Can Do in Five Minutes or Less

    Even the shortest home cleaning tips go a long way to extending the time between each deep cleaning, making your home visitor-ready at any time of day.
  • Wood Cutting Board Care Cleaning

    Here's a guide to caring and cleaning wood cutting boards, which routinely come in contact with bacteria, salmonella and other germs during food preparation.
  • How Your Fall Decorating Ideas Can Incorporate Warm Colors

    Incorporating warm colors into your fall decorating ideas can help create a warm atmosphere to keep your house cozy as the weather gets colder.
  • Five DIY Home Projects To Try This Winter

    It's always a source of comfort staying indoors where it's warm to work on DIY home projects. By next season, your home will look great in the spring sun.
  • Five Fall Wood Repair Tasks You Should Tackle Around The Home

    There are plenty of wood repair projects to tackle around your home this season. Find out more about simple wood repair tasks that can protect your home.
  • Cleaning Hacks To Clean Less

    Regular cleaning is important to reducing the spread of disease. These cleaning hacks will help you clean less often so you can enjoy your home more often.
  • How To Keep Winter Decor Simple During A Season Of Overwhelming Design

    When it comes to winter décor, a pared-down approach can be refreshing when you're flooded with festive design everywhere you go. Learn more, here.
  • How To Organize Your Closet

    It doesn't have to be this way. You've wondered how to organize your closet to keep it clean for too long, and these five tips will give you a great start.
  • Home Office Design Small Office

    Home office design can be fun, but also a bit of a pain if you don't have as much space to decorate the place as you'd like. Find small office design ideas, here.
  • Clean Bathroom Tile

    Germs abound in the bathroom. Learn how to clean bathroom tiles naturally, while still assuring that the floor remains sanitary and looking like new.
  • Small Living Room Ideas

    Good living rooms transcend limitations in color and shape, but the best ones can make the best of its size, too. Here are five small living room ideas to try.
  • Modern Vintage Style

    Personalize your home by blending generational design elements in a modern vintage style that is uniquely yours. Here's some modern vintage inspiration.
  • Seven Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

    With a variety of kitchen storage ideas, you can do away with the clutter above the fridge or underneath the sink. Find small kitchen ideas, here.
  • Cleaning Wood Paneling

    Whether it was constructed from manufactured wood or hand-hewn sheets, wood paneling can regain the shine it once had. Cleaning wood paneling starts here.
  • Mudroom Ideas

    With some clever thinking, your mudroom will become a much more useful space. Find great mudroom ideas for storage and organization, here.
  • Six Hacks To Make Summer Cleaning Quick, Easy And Fun

    Summer cleaning is the chore you always need but never get around to. Change that this year by keeping the house clean during vacation. Here's how.
  • Six Beachy Decor Ideas for Summer That Aren't Kitschy

    Beachy decor is anything but cheesy if you know how to position it, and makes your home look totally fit for summer. Consider these beachy decorative ideas.
  • Seven Spring Cleaning Tips To Revitalize Your Home

    With the following Spring cleaning tips in your arsenal, you can get the most out your routine. Here's how to clean your house this Spring, more efficiently.
  • What to Use When Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout cleaning doesn't motivate just any homeowner. But with the right tools and cleaning solutions, you can expose a rewarding shine. Learn more.
  • Wood Restoration Guide

    Having purchased an older home, wood restoration is tempting. And although visions of newly restored wood are dancing in your head, just know it takes time.
  • Murphy Oil Soap Uses

    While Murphy® Oil Soap works wonders on hardwood, laminate, tile and linoleum floors, there are other surprising uses for that bottle of natural oil soap.
  • How to Paint a Room During Winter

    The outside may have to wait until Spring, but you can learn how to paint a room indoors in any weather. Learn how to properly paint a room, here.
  • How to Prepare Home Renovation Ideas for the Summer

    Great home renovation ideas are not always apparent. Simple renovations can add value, beauty, and comfort to your home. Find home renovation ideas, here.
  • How to Remodel Kitchen Spaces, Step by Step

    Looking to remodel kitchen items that are past their prime? It takes planning to install each new element. From counter to hardwood; here's the step by step.
  • Drywall Repair Directions

    Homes are built with natural wear in mind, and drywall repair is fairly easy to do yourself and enough for most homeowners to tackle on their own. Learn more.
  • Bathroom Remodel Cost Timeline

    When planning your budget for a renovation, accommodating for issues that may occur and determining a timeline to complete the project both factor into your final bathroom remodel...
  • Accent Wall Ideas Colors

    Thinking of accent wall ideas? Accent walls are a great way to completely change the way your home feels without compromising an existing color scheme. You can use accents to...