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Life can take a toll on your wood furniture. But with some TLC, you can slow down the effects of wear and tear. Check out these articles and learn how to restore and keep your home’s furniture strong and beautiful.

  • Cleaning Baseboards Trim

    Wood trim is a great way to add warmth, color, and character to your home, but requires regular cleaning. Find out more about how to clean your wood trim, here.
  • Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets face elements that wood in other places of the home don't, and require special care. Find out more about cleaning kitchen cabinets today.
  • Cabinet Cleaner: How to Choose a Cabinet Cleaner for Custom Cabinets

    Not all wood cleaners are good for all cabinets. If you have custom cabinets and you know the appearance you're looking for, see what cleaner is right for you.
  • The When and How of Furniture Polish

    Furniture polish can do more than just make wood shine. Used properly, it can also extend the life of your furniture. Here's how to use furniture polish well.
  • Cleaning Blinds

    You can clean blinds and wooden blinds to minimize dust in your home, boost indoor air quality and promote a clean look throughout each room. Learn more.
  • Antique Furniture Polish How To

    Antique furniture often holds a beauty that is unmatched by new or modern pieces. Antique furniture polish restores its former youth the following way.
  • DIY Furniture Polish Recipe You Can Make at Home

    Homeowners often go to the same bottle of dusting spray for wood items, but you can also use a tried-and-true DIY furniture polish recipe to make your own.
  • How to Polish Wood to Keep It Looking Its Best

    To keep wood finishes looking their best, you'll want to learn how to polish wood correctly. Depending on your type of wood, your approach may vary. Learn more.
  • How To Clean Pine Wood Furniture | Murphy® Oil Soap

    Many myths and methods abound on how to clean wood furniture. Learn the best methods to keep your pine wood furniture in great condition.
  • Furniture Cleaning Tips for Teak Furniture

    Furniture cleaning practices depend on the type of furniture. Cleaning teak furniture works best when you have the right solutions and techniques. Learn more, here.
  • Cleaning Wood Trim

    Need to refresh the wood trim in your home? Stripping and refinishing may not be your only option. Find out more on cleaning the wood trim inside your home, here.
  • Wood Stain Removal

    There's nothing worse than seeing a water spot on your hardwood floor. Find out more on removing spot stains from your wood floors, today.
  • Wooden Bookcases Care Cleaning

    It's important to consider the age of your wooden bookcase before cleaning it. Abrasive cleaning can do damage to wood pieces. Learn more about wood care here.
  • Cleaning Wood Cabinets Bathroom

    Cleaning wood cabinets in the bathroom requires a unique approach, due to the activities, people generate lots of moisture and heat. Learn more, here.
  • Wood Floor Restorer

    Hardwood floors add significant value to your home, but not if they're worn and tired. A wood floor restorer brings lackluster floors back to life. Learn more, here.
  • Wood Floor Repair Problems

    When it comes to wood floor repair, keeping your floors in good condition year round is a good start. Here are three issues to keep an eye out for with wood floors.
  • How to Clean Wood Cabinets

    Cleaning wood cabinets can be easier than you think. Proper cleaning can remove layers of dirt and grime, and restore their natural brilliance. Learn more here.
  • Wood Floor Polish Shine

    Hardwood's warm, welcoming appearance doesn't survive on its own, so it's important to use a wood floor polish to keep them this way. Learn more, here.
  • Furniture Wax Polish: Know the Differences

    It can be confusing, but not all furniture wax polish is the same. Found out more about furniture wax polish here and what the difference is between them.
  • Your Guide to Homemade Furniture Polish and Cleaners

    Use these tips to make your own homemade furniture polish and cleaners that won't damage your wood floors. Learn more about homemade furniture cleaners, here.
  • Reclaimed Wood Dining Table: To Care and Protect

    A reclaimed wood dining room table can bring a great deal of character to your own. Learn how to care for your reclaimed wood dining room table, here.
  • Refinishing Furniture That's Built Into Your Home

    Refinishing furniture that's already built into areas of your home is very similar to the method for standalone pieces. Here's how to cover all your bases.
  • Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Other Reclaimed Wood Ideas

    Reclaimed wood can add a very new interest and character to your home. Find some ideas for reclaiming old wood and how to use reclaimed wood in your home.
  • How To Clean Old Wood Furniture

    Learning how to clean old wood furniture, even when renewing your fabulous finds at thrift stores and yard sales, requires patience. Here's how to start.
  • How Furniture Polish Protects Your Furniture

    Although wood finishes may be stronger than they used to be, wood furniture itself may still be prone to damage. That's where furniture polish protection comes in.
  • How To Clean Wood Furniture Oak

    It's important to learn how to clean wood furniture made of oak, because its sturdiness requires special considerations when removing tough blemishes.
  • How To Remove Pen Stains

    Permanent ink from pen stains can wreak havoc when it is applied in the wrong places. Here's how to remove pen stains from your wood furniture or floors.
  • Repurposed Furniture

    Repurposed furniture takes an item that was used for one purpose and, with a few minor adjustments, gives it a new raison d'etre. Learn more, here.
  • Wood Cleaning Product Uses

    Whether it's a picture frame marked by greasy fingerprints, dusty carvings or an instrument here are some wood cleaning products to try, and other uses.
  • Best Wood Polish For You

    The average family can put their dining room table through the ringer; things like craft projects, sticky food, and grimy fingers are just a few of the things that can...