Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Other Reclaimed Wood Ideas

An old wooden door or ladder isn't always destined for the trash. A reclaimed wood dining table, along with other seasoned pieces, can add a new interest and character to your home. According to This Old House, reclaimed wood "has an age and character that cannot be mimicked" by new wood. Not to mention reclaiming wood pieces as furniture is a great way to "green" your home and conserve your use of natural resources.

Here are five ways to use reclaimed wood items in your home:


Give strips of old wood new authority by creating a headboard for your sleeping quarters. It doesn't matter if the wood consists of different sizes; simply stack each piece next to one another in a vertical pattern. Start with taller pieces of wood followed by a few shorter ones, then another column of taller strips and so on. Once you've established a fun pattern, nail two long strips of wood across both ends of the headboard to keep them together. Adhere one strip at the bottom and one strip toward the top. This masterpiece should look masterful at the head of your bed.


Breathe life into worn pallets by making a coffee table out of them. Simply screw two pallets together to give the piece height, and install wheels on its underside for portability that doesn't scratch the Hardwood. Paint the pallets a bright, interesting color to bring uniformity to the table.


Get your hands on leftover strips of wood of all sizes, and make a statement piece against a single wall in one of your plainer rooms. Nail the wood strips on a chosen wall, either vertically or horizontally, that can act as the room's focal point. Don't be afraid to design this end of the room using wood of various sizes, colors and stains for a truly bold, artistic installment.


You can easily make a reclaimed-wood dining table by repurposing wood. You'll need uniform pieces for the table top and some sturdy legs for the bottom. Sand the table and then apply a stain to protect the surface.


Go for broke and have an expert help you source reclaimed wood for your floor. Reclaimed wood flooring adds character and warmth to any space. Try mixing wood planks that are a variety of widths to further increase the interest factor of the flooring.

Creating pieces like a reclaimed wood dining table, coffee table, headboard, flooring or wall art makes a dynamic statement in your home. Give some thought to how you can use reclaimed wood in your home, and get help from Murphy® Oil Soap for best practices for cleaning and maintenance.

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