Six Beachy Decor Ideas for Summer That Aren't Kitschy

Beachy decor that looks elegant, not tacky, can help you get your home ready for summer. The colors, textures and accents you find at a calm shoreline become beautiful design inspiration when used the right way; it's all about keeping it simple to create that breezy summer theme. Turn your home into a calming summer escape with these decorative ideas:


Take a page from nature when designating a summer theme for your common rooms. Light-shaded woods are a perfect way to bring in colors similar to sand. Pair these light woods with blue furnishings. Whether you choose a sky blue or a deeper ocean hue, you'll be using a classic combination that'll never miss the mark. You can add similar pops of color with various throws to brighten up the design. Burnt orange, bold red, vivid green and rich yellow all work well as accents with a beach theme when used in small doses.


Flowers are the go-to centerpiece to brighten up a room, but you won't find many blossoms on the beach. Instead, you can get creative in putting together unique centerpieces that emulate a beach's warm, living touch. Fill a large, clear flower vase with a little sand (enough to cover the bottom and then some) and fill it with a fun mixture of clamshells and sea glass. Many small shells around one large conch, for instance, will give your beachy decor just the right amount of purpose. You can also use a large clamshell as a decorative bowl, filled with smaller minerals, a rare sand dollar or colorful rocks you frequently find along the coast.


The beach is all about the water, so why not add some nautical accessories to your indoor shore? The coarseness of marine rope looks beautiful when paired with finer fabrics such as linen or silk. Use these thick lines as curtain ties to create a pretty contrast. Knotted rope lamps and other accessories are the perfect choice when you want to add a touch of the ocean to your beach design.


Coral's colors and patterns are some of nature's most gorgeous phenomena, and they'll look great in your home. Luckily, you can form your own coral with just a few materials. DIYs like one from Good Housekeeping make it easy for you to add this unique beach piece to a part of the home that needs more oceanic flavor.

Start by cutting several lengths of wire and gluing them to a wood base, stained for the appropriate look and texture. Cover the wire with hot glue, and don't worry about making a mess coral is supposed to be jagged and bumpy. Paint your coral in any color that jives with the rest of the room using acrylic paint. Once it dries, you can put your DIY coral on a table or shelf to truly recreate a familiar reef.


Beaches are laden with driftwood that, as it turns out, adds a real poetic element to your home decor. Pieces of driftwood look great on shelves and mantles, and bring the textures of the beach into your home at the same time. First, you want to soak it in warm water and use a brush to get rid of all the sand and dirt still clinging to it. When the driftwood is nice and clean, allow it to dry outside. This process can take several weeks, depending on the nature of the item.

Once the wood is nice and dry, wipe it down thoroughly with Murphy® Oil Soap to bring out its natural luster. Now it's ready to be displayed. Coat your driftwood with your oil soap every so often, and it will keep looking beautiful for a long time.


Like most beachy decor, classic sailor patterns often includes a traditional look: blue and white stripes. Instead of using this pattern in your fabrics, put the stripes on your walls. Use paint to create a bold accent in any beach-themed room, and your design will really stand out. Use a level and painter's tape to mark out your lines so they come out straight. Vertical blue and white lines will help to make the room feel a little taller, too, giving the impression that the ceiling is further away than it actually is.

You want a look of sophistication and class in your home, not kitschy stuff that ends up feeling tacky. Even when you DIY your beach design, you can create something that looks elegant and pays homage to nature the right way. Stick to classic elements to make your beach design theme come to life.

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