Accent Wall Ideas: How to Pick a Color that Makes an Impact

Thinking of accent wall ideas? Accent walls are a great way to completely change the way your home feels without compromising an existing color scheme. You can use accents to incorporate a bright color into an otherwise plain space. After all, why paint every wall when just adding the right detail can have a stylish impact?


A brave, vibrant shade of paint draws the eye, according to Benjamin Moore, and accent walls are the way to go in order to incorporate your favorite hues in moderation. For example, a deep navy might be too much for an entire bedroom, but it could be ideal for the wall right behind your headboard. Consider a soft fuchsia for a bedroom or a lively red to "spice" up the kitchen.

Here's the best part about bold colors: They don't necessarily have to match the other walls. Instead, you can apply small accessories around the room to tie the look together for a more unified image. Your other option, of course, is to search for colors within the same shade range. For instance, you might incorporate a deep blue wall into a room painted a pastel blue. Have soft beige walls? Add a chocolate brown accent for the right amount of depth.


The key to adding your color of choice into more neutral surroundings without overwhelming the room is to think small. As a general rule, the brighter the color, the smaller the area you need to paint for the right impact. Accents are ideal for this purpose.

If you're committing to a bold hue, don't pick the largest wall in the room, but rather a smaller surface bridging two or more larger faces. Or, choose a wall with a window or door built in to help soften the hue's impact further. Have a fireplace or an interesting nook in the room? That's the wall to accent, as it draws attention to the architecture.


Don't be afraid to choose a very different color for your accent wall ideas; just make sure it doesn't clash with the current theme of the room design. The easiest way to ensure this harmony? Pick colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Yellow and orange work well together, and so do light blue and green.

Remember, you can always change an accent wall later if you decide it no longer matches the mood of your home. It's never too late to try something new.

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