How Your Fall Decorating Ideas Can Incorporate Warm Colors

Incorporating warm colors into your fall decorating ideas can help create a cozy atmosphere that keeps your house feeling warm as the weather gets colder. And because fall colors are so rich, just a touch here and there could be enough to transform the theme of a room.


Play With Fabrics

Gold is an often ignored fall color that works particularly well on fabric. One thing to keep in mind about fabric, however, is that although summer materials are light; think gauze, cotton and flowing embroidery; fall fabrics are warmer, thicker and more colorful. Less is more with these thick fabrics, because a single fabric item in an autumn color can completely change the look and feel of a room. For example, laying a plush blanket, fringed afghan or chunky knit quilt over the sofa will instantly inspire feelings of warmth and comfort.

Can't afford to replace all your fabrics? Pillows are your friend. Add colorful golden yellow throw to a sofa, your bed or even your dining room chairs for a splash of fall color that you'll want to show off well into the winter. Even better, suggests Organic Authority, use your existing pillows and create new covers for them using an old fall sweater. Not only is it fun, but it also makes the room feel more personal.


Focus on Accessories

Nothing says autumn like pumpkins, so why not use some as inspiration for your fall decorating ideas? Your local farmers' market abounds with gourds of different sizes and shapes that kids may have neglected in October. Arrange them on the coffee table, use them to line your stairway or stage them as centerpieces of the kitchen counter. Round up this look with other orange accessories, such as placemats or tablecloths.


Add Unexpected Touches

Red is a strong, confident color, but using too much can easily overwhelm a room. Instead, focus on small things that carry a wow factor and use a variety of rosy shades from deep rose, to burgundy to poppy red.

Have a tree nearby surrounded by a bed of red leaves it once wore? Collect them, take them home and use them to fill a fishbowl. It's amazing how quickly a one-bunk aquarium can turn into a gorgeous but simple decoration for the coffee table.

You can also peruse a nearby flea market or thrift store for the right amount of rouge: candlesticks for the dinner table, small vases you can fill with orange mums or even photo frames.


Complement Stronger Colors

Browns are great colors for fall decorating ideas, but don't go too heavy; they can easily darken a room if overused. One solution is to focus on just a few large pieces in brown, like an area rug or a chair. You can do this by introducing new pieces to the room or by using a couch cover to switch up your furniture's color for a season.

Don't own anything in a warm chocolate brown? Purchase a few velvet pillows in brown tones to place on furniture and complement the hardwood.


Enhance Darker Spaces

You might not think of whites and grays as autumn colors, but these hues are rather common in nature. A lot of tree barks, such as birch, turn an ashy gray that brings a touch of contrasting cold into a warm autumn room.

To add them to your decor, think twigs and branches and use them instead of flowers to fill vases. Or, invest in some larger, heavier pieces of birch tree and pile them next to the fireplace.

Despite the dull reputation of gray, it can be the perfect move to make otherwise colorful accents pop in a warm room. Small items, such as plates, pillows (especially when mixed with warm-colored ones) and other accessories can help lighten a space just enough.

Remember, fall is a great time to think about rich, warm colors. Don't be afraid to experiment well into the new year.

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