Five Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

A little living room can feel larger and more comfortable with the right arrangement, so instead of a small room that makes you feel cramped, design yourself a stylish living space using the right furnishings, decorations and accents. With a few adjustments you can make your room feel larger and more inviting to friends and family, and you'll get more use of the space, too.

Here are five small living room ideas and tips to consider:


Forget about putting in large, bulky pieces to compensate for a compact room. Instead of a standard couch or even a love seat, put two arm chairs against the far edges of the room. Big rooms are cozy rooms, and your small living space should be optimized for comfort, not just entertainment. From here, Better Homes And Gardens (BHG) recommends complementing these items with accents and other furnishings that have multiple uses. Consider a coffee table that doubles as a wine rack or an ottoman with a storage compartment underneath.


Some of the best small living ideas involve simple yet smart accent choices, particularly to help establish purpose from spot to spot. For example, use an area rug to create a designated sitting area and circle your seating around it. Another functional accent is to hang a mirror opposite of an especially narrow wall to create the illusion of a wider space. Incorporate other small accent touches sparingly: In a tight space, fewer accents cut down on unnecessary clutter so the room can be enjoyed properly.


Sometimes, all you need is to declutter your room. There should be no dead space in a small living room, so you should use creative organizing to help make the most of the ground you've got. Use small baskets under certain tables to get even more storage and keep items from common foot paths in the room. Also don't be afraid to think up! Using vertical space in a small living room can help you manage some clutter. For instance, affixing shelves to an empty wall gives you additional storage and display space. Wood shelves create a beautiful contrast against white or brightly colored walls. And even with heavy use, wooden shelves stay beautiful when you practice good maintenance and polish them regularly with a natural product like Murphy® Oil Soap .


The colors you use for a small living room are essential. Dark colors make the room feel heavier and smaller, so stick to bright colors, vivid shades and soft whites. These elements will make the room look lighter and feel a lot bigger simply because it injects the space with a feeling of warmth. Mix and match different hues, and don't be afraid to play with contrast. Even with a limited range of colors to choose from, you can use small accents and bold splashes of color to show off your design style.


Don't neglect your windows when exploring some small living room ideas. If you cover up these openings with heavy drapery, the room can feel closed off and tighter as a result. Choose light, airy window treatments instead; you don't need excessive fabric or thick blinds in a small living room space, and natural light is key to a spacious impression (especially during dim winters). Keep the room filled with light and airy elements, and that small space will still be stuffed with great style.

A small living room thrives on picking the right furniture, decorating with the right colors and complementing your space with wise accent pieces. Get more out of your space by turning your home's aesthetic into a practical design tool. After all, this is where you're going to be spending a lot of time shouldn't it be an amazing place to spend it?

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