A Guide to Ash Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Ash hardwood floors are a go-to option for homeowners due to their shock resistance, durability and lustrous sheen. They hold up well in high-traffic areas and withstand most types of friction, offering a high return on investment over the long term. Ash hardwood floor cleaning is easy, too. Here's what you need to know.


Before starting the task, remove as many pieces of furniture and other objects from the floor to make your job easier. With the surface clear, use a dusting mop to remove loose dirt and debris, or use a vacuum for more substantial floor space. Better Homes And Gardens advises homeowners to avoid using a vacuum that has a beater bar, which can still scratch floors that are as hard as ash. Instead, use a vacuum that has a specially designed attachment for hard-surface floors, or stick to your duster mop. Regularly cleaning in this way is one of the best things you can do to preserve the ash hardwood floors.


Follow the dusting with a wet cleaning, and keep in mind moisture can damage hardwood floors. If the liquid seeps underneath the finish or finds its way into the wood through openings in the surface's seal, it can stain or warp the wood itself. The light and textured attributes of ash make this particularly important, as warping can show more easily on this flooring. To avoid problems like this, use a slightly damp mop and a safe, natural cleaner like Murphy® Oil Soap. Move the mop over the floors, working with the grain.


The final step involves buffing the floor. This action serves two purposes: It removes any lingering moisture, drying the floor; and polishes the wood, enhancing the light, welcoming appearance of ash. Be sure to select a soft cloth for the job, as you don't want to scratch the floors. You can purchase cloth diapers for this purpose, as they are designed to be soft to the touch but highly absorbent äóî the perfect tool for the goals of this final treatment.

Follow these ash hardwood floor cleaning tips and you'll preserve your investment in a hardy, durable flooring option.

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