Why the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Must Also Be the Safest

The best hardwood floor cleaner is one that must effectively accomplish all the goals of the owner; not just getting the floors clean, but avoiding a slippery finish and not posing a chemical hazard to other household members. It's a difficult bill to fit, but one you shouldn't compromise on when choosing a solution.


Substances like ammonia cut germs really well, but its fumes can be dangerous if the space you're cleaning isn't well ventilated. In addition, ammonia can leave scratches behind on the floor's finish, according to TODAY. For pets and children, inhaling these fumes is even more of a concern; be sure to cater your cleaner to those who are there to enjoy the result.

Other cleaners may generate a nice shine on the floor, but at a cost of making it so slippery that you slide all over the floor if you're walking too fast. Ultimately, this shiny appearance isn't worth compromising your family's safety. In fact, a study by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) found that more than half of the best-selling floor cleaners left floors more slippery than they were prior to cleaning. Another concern involves air quality, as noxious chemicals pose a similar threat during cold weather, when you can't comfortably air-condition the house.


The best hardwood floor cleaner is safe in that its ingredients maintain a non-slip surface; it doesn't employ harsh chemicals that reduce the floor's natural friction as it gets them clean. Your children and other family members can enjoy this themselves, and you won't have to worry about a pet hurting itself on a slippery stairwell. You won't have to worry about kids who are still putting toys in their mouths while playing on a floor that emits volatile compounds. When you choose a safe, vegetable-based product that doesn't leave a toxic residue behind or generate a slippery finish, you can be confident you're using the best hardwood floor cleaner for your hardwood. A natural solution like Murphy® Oil Soap fits this bill.

You don't have to compromise on safety when choosing a thorough hardwood floor cleaner. Marrying clean with safe can be a reality for anyone looking to increase the value of their home.

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