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Ten Repurposed Furniture Ideas for Your Old Pieces

by Anita Alvarez

repurposed furniture

Don't let your old furniture go to waste when it's past its prime; put it to good use instead. You can easily repurpose old furniture with a few tweaks and creative touches to breath new life into your old pieces. Here are 10 repurposed furniture ideas:

1. Put Your Old Kitchen Table to Work

You can convert a used-but-sturdy kitchen table into your new work space with a quick coat of paint. Instead of converting a guest bedroom into your new home office, consider clearing out a spare walk-in closet and setting up your new desk inside. Add some wallpaper or bright paint to liven the space and increase storage capacity by putting up shelving or adding a small file cabinet under the table to make the space work for you.

2. From Bureau to Kitchenware

Remove the dirt from your old bureau; maybe an old workshop piece, and help it shine by giving it a wash with some warm water and Murphy® Oil Soap. Then, place it prominently in your dining room for use as a credenza in which you can store placemats, table clothes and similar knick-knacks such as candles and decorative plates.

3. New Life for Kids' Furniture

Invested in a sturdy crib only to see your children grow out of it in a flash? Don't toss the crib! You can easily convert this piece into a kid-sized crafting table. Remove the mattress and pull the front bars off of the crib frame. Next, freshen up the piece with a coat of chalkboard paint on the surface where the mattress once rested. Finally, add some child-sized chairs and kid-friendly art supplies to help them create.

4. A Once-Rustic Kitchen Island

You don't have to invest in standard cabinetry just because you have the space for a small island. Refurbish an old dresser by affixing a large piece of butcher block to cover the topside of your piece. Remove the drawers and use an electric drill and some screws to secure your butcher block in place. Put the drawers back in the dresser for a fresh kitchen centerpiece unit with ample food prep space and storage for large cooking supplies.

5. A Small, Rolling End Table

End tables can be used a variety of ways, but they never seem to take on a creative role beyond the bedside. So, turn this neglected miniature piece into a portable cart for serving drinks. Purchase rolling wheels and flip the piece over to install them. Voila you've got a moving drink cart to store glasses, beverages, shakers and more.

6. A Bathroom Vanity

Need a dedicated space for your toiletries and personal care items? Consider converting a tall cabinet into a vanity. Install mirrors inside open cabinets doors, which also helps to brighten the room without adding extra light bulbs. Better Homes and Gardens recommends removing the bottom drawers of a dresser to create open shelving that accommodates baskets, which can itemize your toiletries.

7. Tall Bowls From Old Chairs

Cut out an opening in the center of two old chairs, and insert metal food and water bowls for your dog. Make sure the height of the chair and the final location for the bowls is appropriate for the height of your hungry pet.

8. A Tucked-Away Surface

Sometimes you just need a small surface for your things that don't fit anywhere else. Cut the legs off of an old table, and, in an out-of-the-way corner, secure the tabletop to the wall with heavy duty wall mount so the large, flat surface is horizontal to the floor. This furniture hack makes for a great supply area, pantry-style storage or even a standing workspace.

9. Wicker Technology

Rather than letting baskets gather dust in the basement, clean them off so that they can support a contemporary workstation. Upside-down wicker containers, for example, make perfect computer stands when cord clutter is involved. Consider snaking wires between the ties of the basket and hiding excess length underneath. Technology often creates a pleasing contrast with simpler materials, and this is certainly one of them.

10. Funky Desk Space

Doors have expiration dates, too. When installing a new door, set the old one on top of a few saw horses and you have an instant desk with unique personality.

Repurposed furniture isn't just eco-friendly; it saves you money and brings a certain flair to your home that new, textured laminate or veneer furniture just can't offer.

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